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What's new at www.robotron-2084.co.uk?

Tuesday, 18th August 2015

The decade old javascript based menu seems to have been broken in the latest Chrome update, though it is still working in Firefox. I'll try and update to something more modern ASAP!

Tuesday, 9th June 2015

After a brief outage we are back on-line....

Saturday, 29th November 2014

Thanks to Adam Lee for the Defender Cocktail Manuals that have been posted on the Defender Manuals Page. :-)

In other news I am working on a new version of the site but progress is slow due to lack of time ...

Thursday, 1st May 2014

Thanks to Tim Patrie for the Robotron Reproduction Back Door Sheet and Labels that have been posted on the Robotron Manuals Page. :-)

Monday, 30th September 2013

If you can read this then robotron-2084.co.uk is online with the new host.

Monday, 23rd September 2013

OK It has been a while. Time for some updates, but first I'm moving the domain to a new host so there may be some interruption of service ... please bear with me.

Thursday, 26th November 2009

Thanks to Jim Schmidt for supplying the Robotron Cocktail Manuals that have been posted on the Robotron Manuals Page. :-)

Monday, 22nd June 2009

Well it's been a long time since any update was posted. I've been meaning to do some updates for a while but have been hampered by lack of FTP access to the domian. Now the host has sorted it's "issues" out I can finally do something.

The Robotron Cocktail Owners List has had a few new entires added as more of the NIB Rocktron Cocktails have made it out into the world. Fab ... I'm just a teeny bit jealous!

Sunday, 13th July 2008

The Robotron Cocktail Owners List has again been amended to add game #578395, owned by TB Chase.

I have also done a few tweaks to the site to correct a menu alignment issue in Firefox 3. I was also lucky enough to get hold of an iPhone 3G on launch day and the site seems to be working well on the iPhone implementation of Safari :-)

Wednesday, 3rd October 2007

The Robotron Cocktail Owners List has been amended as Stephan Suys has bought game #578349 back (I guess he missed it!). He has also completed the restoration.

Sadly this is just a one off update for now as work is still keeping me way to busy to add content, though the existing Website will be maintained indefinitely.

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