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Sunday, 21st May 2006

I've added another entry to the Robotron Cocktail Owners List for Adrian Bartoli.

I have now finished converting the first Defender Theory Manual to PDF and just need to proof-read the text before I upload it to the site.

Monday, 24th April 2006

I've added an entry to the Robotron Cocktail Owners List for James Tyner.

I will hopefully be doing some real updates to the site soon, starting with the full PDF's of the Defender Theory of Operation manuals.

Wednesday, 15th February 2006

www.robotron-2084.co.uk has adopted the Huntington's Disease Association (HDA) as our official charity! If you find this Website useful why not consider a donation?

Wednesday, 25th January 2006

No real site updates to report, but the javascripts for the menu system have been fixed for Firefox v1.5.

Monday, 21st November 2005

It's been a long time since I did any site updates as I've just started a new job and it is currently severely limiting my ability to do any Arcade related work. I did however take delivery of my Hyperball over the weekend and will try and get it running over the next few weeks if I can find any time.

The Williams Hardware Identification Page has been updated to include Inferno boards. Many thanks to Phil Murray the images!

Lastly I've been working on some updated manuals for the manuals pages of the site. These manuals will have much higher resolution graphics than available elsewhere on the Internet and the text portions will be recognised rather than scanned to reduce the file size. An incomplete teaser of one of the files is available here, please take the time to look at it and Email me if you have any comments or suggestions about it.

Friday, 2nd September 2005

I've finally added the new version of the Williams to JAMMA conversion article and a few minor tweaks to various other pages. I also have a little free time at the moment so I expect I will update the remaining pages that are 'under construction' shortly, and after that I will rescan some of the pdf manuals to give better quality images.

The Twilight Zone pinball arrived safely and has been in almost constant use over the last few months, I'll upload some pictures soon!

Thursday, 30th June 2005

Here it is ... version 3 of www.robotron-2084.co.uk!

Have a look around the new site, if you have any content suggestions, or you find any broken links or other problems please Email me.

The new website is fully HTML v4.01 and CSS compliant and should work with all current browsers.

It has been tested with the following browsers:
Internet Explorer v4, v5, v5.5, & v6, Netscape v7.2 and v8, Opera v6, v7 & v8 and Mozilla Firefox v1

Unfortunately it does NOT work with Internet Explorer v3, Netscape v6, Opera v5 or earlier browsers.

On the games front I have had several additions in the months since the last update, a Sega Diamond 3 Star mechanical one-armed-bandit (made in 1963!) and tomorrow I should take delivery of a Twilight Zone Pinball machine! :o)

Website v2 News Archive
Links below this point removed!

Wednesday, 24th November 2004
I'm currently working on a major website update which will be fully cross-browser compliant and have updated/new content. Until this work is complete don't expect too many updates.

In the meantime feel free to Email, espeically if you have any suggestions regarding content you'd like to see in the new site.

Friday, 27th July 2004
Thanks to the efforts of Joe Magiera I have added images to the Williams Hardware Identification page for Joust 2, Turkey Shoot and Mystic Marathon with more games to follow soon. If you have boards not listed yet and are willing to supply images please Email me!

Tuesday, 11th May 2004
I've added another THREE new entries to the Robotron Cocktail Owners List for games owned by William Drabble, Duane Yaeger and Stephan Suys.

Monday, 26th April 2004
After 5 years or so of owning a Space Invaders tabletop I've decided to get an upright game instead. The game I have acquired is an upright Taito Space Invaders part II, alas it's very much a project cab currently it's just a wooden shell. If you have any parts for this game, please Email me.

I've added another new entry to the Robotron Cocktail Owners List for Pierre Martin's game.

Saturday, 20th March 2004
Archer's Reproduction UK Joust Control Panel Overlays are now ready for shipping. If you wish to buy one Email me and I'll put you in touch with him.

I've also added the rest of the high resolution photos to the Williams Hardware Identification page. When I find some more time I'll start to add other games.

I've added a new entry to the Robotron Cocktail Owners List for Dean Huber's game, if you have a Robotron Cocktail or know of the whereabouts of one, why not Email me with details of it!

Monday, 9th February 2004
I've uploaded a development version of the updated Williams Hardware Identification page, though many of the images still need to be done so it's very much a work in progress.

There are also two new pages; a Sound board Jumpering Guide and the R8731 CPU board page which lists the four different revisions of the Robotron type CPU boards.

Email me with any feedback you may have on the new pages.

Lastly, Archer is putting the finishing touches to two items of reproduction artwork, UK Robotron Monitor Bezels and UK Joust CPO's. I hope to have samples/pictures soon. If you are interested me and I'll put you in touch with Archer.

Monday, 12th January 2004
I can't believe that I've not updated the website for almost three months!

To kick the new year off I plan to revisit the Williams Hardware Identification page. I'll be updating it for the broadband age with better pictures and descriptions and I'll also expand it to include games not currently listed. To that end if you own the games Blaster, Joust 2, Splat!, Mystic Marathon, Inferno, Turkey Shoot, Moon Patrol and are willing to supply images of the PCB's please Email me!

Friday, 17th October 2003
A few minor updates to some of the technical pages:

1. Kevin Eshbach pointed out a minor error in the Robotron controls Wiring of the Williams to JAMMA page.

2. Vincent Macaluso has supplied some enhanced Defender cocktail instruction cards. I have uploaded them to the Defender Manuals page

Monday, 29th September 2003
The Asteroids cocktail AND a Space Duel upright are both now up and running, though I still need to converge the monitor tube in the Space Duel as the monitor was built from parts! I'll get some pictures of both up as soon as I find time.

I've added a new entry to the Robotron Cocktail Owners List for Rob Psenicka's game, if you have a Robotron Cocktail or know of the whereabouts of one, why not Email me with details of it!

Wednesday, 10th September 2003
After a brief glitch due to my ISP taking the website down it seems to be running again.

Tuesday, 15th July 2003
I have now taken delivery of the Asteroids cocktail AND a Space Duel upright. All I need now is the parts to get them working; I'm currently looking for Asteroids cocktail monitor parts (Electrohome G-08 805) and colour Vector Monitor parts (Amplifone or WG 6100). More details on my Wanted page.

I have now moved all my linked manuals to my own webspace, Email me if you have any downloading problems.

I'm still looking for entries for the Robotron Cocktail Owners List, if you have a Robotron Cocktail or know of the whereabouts of one, why not Email me with details of the game!

Monday, 30th June 2003
Thanks go to Sean Guichon who pointed out an error on the Midway Space Invaders pinouts document on the Space Invaders manuals page. With the demise of the Stormaster arcade manuals archive I will try to upload the rest of the Williams manuals as soon as I can, until then you may find dead links on some of the game manuals pages.

Tuesday, 20th May 2003
The UK Robotron Control Panel Overlays are now Shipping. Priced at 45 inc P+P they are available from Archer Maclean. Email me and I'll put you in touch with Archer. Remember this is a limited run so you should get your now!

I also have an Asteroids Cocktail game and Minivaders PCB's incoming. I am STILL looking for a Return of the Invaders PCB, if you have one for sale/trade please Email me

Lastly, I have updated the Robotron upright restoration.

Wednesday, 9th April 2003
Over the weekend I fitted the reproduction Robotron Cocktail control panel overlays made my Darin Jacobs, the game now looks fabulous! I've added a some pictures of them to the Robotron Cocktail Restoration page.

Wednesday, 2nd April 2003
I've added a Robotron Cocktail Owners List, if you have a Robotron Cocktail or know of the whereabouts of one, why not Email me with details of the game!

Wednesday, 27th March 2003
The Williams CPU NVRAM module kits are ready to ship! Priced at 20 (US$35) this kit is a replacement module for the CMOS RAM chip used on Stargate, Robotron, Joust, Sinistar and Splat! allowing battery free reliable data retention for your settings and high scores. It should also work with Bubbles, Blaster, Inferno, Joust 2, Turkey Shoot etc, but will NOT work on Defender.

I have also been buying up various Atari Colour XY parts and *should* have enough to put together a Space Duel, initially based in a generic cab but eventually I hope to find gutted dedicated cab to house it in.

Wednesday, 29th January 2003
I've done some reorganisation of the manuals section. All the word documents have been converted to fully indexed Acrobat (pdf) documents. I've also added an updated L-Shape Taito Space Invaders Schematics Document, courtesy of Peter Fyfe. This new version includes Schematics for both types of sound boards (one uses 25S10's and the other 74151's). Thanks Peter! Over the coming months I'll scan and upload all the missing documents from the manuals pages.

For those still waiting for the Robotron CPO's, they have been delayed due to primary work commitments ... Sorry :o(

Wednesday, 18th December 2002
Archer Maclean's UK Robotron Reproduction Control Panel Overlays will be shipping in January! Price to be confirmed VERY soon. If you want to reserve one please Email me. I'll post some pictures of one as soon as I get hold of one!

I now have a Robotron Cocktail! It is a project cab, but after just two weeks it is up and running, all that is left to do is cosmetic work. View the restoration page HERE! Sadly, to fund it's purchase I have sold my Terminator 2 pinball. This was my first ever game which I've had since 1995. I have many happy memories of playing it over the years ......

My other new arrivals this month are a Taito F3 motherboard with Arkanvader and Puzzle Bobble 2 cartridges. I now have all the Taito games in the Space Invaders series except Return of the Invaders and Minivader, if you have either for sale/trade please Email me.

Thursday, 7th November 2002
I have uploaded a revised Taito tabletop glass size/layout mask after an error in the previous version was pointed out to me. If you have had glass cut to the wrong size, SORRY :O(

The Star Wars has failed and been repaired several times. Hopefully all the failing components have been replaced now and the game will enter a more reliable state?

Monday, 30th September 2002
At last my Star Wars Cockpit lives! I've done a lot of work on my Star Wars to get it working. I have fitted a working boardset and a new WINTRON HVT to the 25" Amplifone monitor as well as numerous other tweaks. The main remaining issues now are to re-furbish the (working) monitor deflection PCB, service/repair/repaint the controller, and tidy up the minimal damage and corrosion to the games exterior. I'll get some pictures uploaded soon! (Honest!)

Friday, 25th July 2002
Wow! Has it really been 3 months since my last update?
I suppose this has mainly been due to the birth of my daughter Anna May Langley on May 13th 2002.

For those who own a UK Robotron, VERY soon you'll be able to buy reproduction Control Panel Overlays. These are being produced by Archer Maclean and will be available shortly. If you are interested, please Email me and I'll put you in touch with Archer.

On the games front Outrun has been sold to make space for my Star Wars Cockpit to come out of storage and be repaired. I've had the Star Wars for nearly two years now and it has never been powered up! Look for pictures on my Star Wars page soon!

I was sad to see that the Spies Arcade Manuals Archive has now closed for good :o( A valuable source of information has been lost because of greedy individuals who insisted on leeching the whole site instead of just taking what they needed. You know who you are ...

At some point in the near future I will be uploading all the Williams and Space Invaders manuals to this site and they will be available for download once more. In the meantime expect some dead links on my manuals pages.

Friday, 26th April 2002
I've uploaded more pictures of my Revenge From Mars Pinball. I have also received more parts for it including a set of 5 NOS side-art decals!

Friday, 19th April 2002
Finally I have a Revenge From Mars Pinball. Despite being less than three years old, I have bought the game as a project because someone had vandalised it in order to steal the two Martian figures!

Many tanks to Colin Jacks for selling me the game and to David Corfield for selling me the bulk of the parts the game needed for restoration. After many a late night I now have the game running properly with just a few tweaks remaining to be done to it.

I also now have a Blaster ROM board, though I'm still looking for a CPU board in any condition (Working/Untested/Dead) to complete my set. If you have one please Email me!

This month also sees the departure of Future Spy.

Tuesday, 5th March 2002
Lots of progress! Most importantly last Sunday I picked up a WORKING Tempest Cabaret. I have also been working on my Robotron. All the damaged woodwork has now been repaired and painted and the side art has been re-done! Next up will be the CPO, Bezel and Marquee. :o)

I'll upload pictures of the Robotron work and the Tempest soon.

Due to space limitations caused by newly arrived games I've decided to sell my Outrun and one of my Space Invaders Tables.

Wednesday, 16th January 2002
After several requests I've added a PDF of Taito Space Invaders Credit Board DIP Switch Settings to the Space Invaders Manuals Page.

Monday, 14th January 2002
Thanks go out to Chris Evans for helping me with the pinouts for Taito Space Invaders 'L' Shaped boards from an upright game. I've added a PDF of these to my Space Invaders Manuals Page. I've also taken the opportunity to collect together various Space Invaders information and links to manuals that I've collected over the years.

Wednesday, 20th December 2001
Thanks to Kip for pointing out an error in the key for sound board power wiring on the Williams to JAMMA conversion page. This has been corrected on both the HTML and PDF versions of the page.

Tuesday, 27th November 2001
Nothing much to report, just a few updates correcting errors on the new website.

I've decided that I want to buy a Revenge from Mars pinball. If you have one for sale please Email me as cash is waiting! To fund this I've sold off my Smash TV and a good proportion of my board collection.

Sunday, 18th November 2001
I've done a revamp of the site with a new navigation system that uses a menu at the top of the screen. Since most of the links have moved there may be a few that are broken, if you find any please Email me.

Finally, if you have any other comments of suggestions about the site including information you'd like to see on it please Email me.

Website v1 News Archive
Links below this point removed!

Wednesday, 17th October 2001
The Williams to JAMMA Page is now complete. Please look though it and feel free to Email me with any comments about content or omissions. The Acrobat (.PDF) Version will be online soon.

If you are interested in any Williams video games (perhaps that's why you are here?) why not join the Williams Videos Mailing list. This resource is under-used which is a bit of a waste!

Thursday, 11th October 2001
More of the Williams to JAMMA Page has been uploaded, all that needs to be done now is the photographs for the example conversion.

Monday, 17th September 2001
I've uploaded the several articles to the Williams Technical Pages including the Williams to JAMMA Page, though I still have not completed all the drawings/photo's for this yet. I hope to get this done in the next few weeks. I have also Uploaded some pictures of the completed Defender Pinball.

Wednesday, 15th August 2001
I have a few new boards, Tetris, Future Spy (Zaxxon 3), R-Type and Scramble. The Scramble has a few issues but I should be able to sort that out soon.

Thursday, 19th July 2001
I've reorganised the Williams Technical Pages a little. As soon as I find time I will write up the JAMMA conversion and Lithium battery cell mods.

Tuesday, 26th June 2001
Since I got married a month ago nothing much has happened on the games front.

I have been fixing some Sinistar and Space Invaders Part II boards though.

Tuesday, 15th May 2001
My Defender Pinball is now fully working. The repairs turned out to be easier/fewer than I could ever have hoped for. I'll upload some new pictures soon! :o)

Wednesday, 11th April, 2001
I've uploaded pictures of the Defender Pinball. I'll take some more once the game is up and running.

Monday, 2nd April, 2001
I now have a Defender Pinball. Ask far as I could find out there were only 369 of these machines ever made, so I guess its pretty rare! I'll get lots of photos up as soon as I can.

1942 and R-type II were traded as part of the deal to get the pinball.

Wednesday 21st March, 2001
New additions this month are Puzzle Bobble (and a NeoGeo one slot motherboard) and Bubbles.

The restored Moon Alien part II had its multigame board built which worked perfectly! The game however, has now been sold.

I now have another Faulty Salamander but this one also has a faulty bottom board. Does anyone have a working Konami GX-400(A) (Nemesis/Salamander/Konami GT/others) board for sale or trade?

A load of non working Original Galaxian, Bootleg Galaga and Moon Cresta boards have been sent to me for repair. Anyone got any cheap 27LS00's (Galaxian Attack RAMs) or 2101's (22pin 256x4bit CMOS SRAM) for sale/trade?

Lastly I got 2 more working Taito Space Invaders Part II (Colour) boardsets in a trade.

Wednesday 31st January, 2001
I've uploaded a page with photo's of my restored Moon Alien part II.

Thanks to Archer Maclean for pointing out a fatal HTML problem on Project Robotron part 2, which has now been fixed.

Friday 19th January, 2001
I got a second Robotron yesterday! This one is in much better condition that the first one was when I got it. Ultimately I'll sell one of them fully restored though it'll take a while I guess. Now that I have two in restoration I'll get going with the reproduction artwork projects. If you have a UK Robotron and need a Control Panel or Monitor Bezel for it please Email me as the more of them I get made the less each one will cost.

The Moon Alien table restoration is all but complete. All I have left to do is fit some new attack RAM chips and the game will be finished. Thanks to Peter Davis for programming the Colour PROM for me (an 82S123N).

I've still not done any work on the Star Wars Cockpit although the PSU transformer assembly has now arrived from the US. Thanks to Mike Brower for the PSU.

Thursday 4th January, 2001
Not much happening, as I'm still recovering from the Christmas holidays. I have now picked up my soldering iron again and I'll be looking at some of the mountain of dead Williams boards over the next few months!

Tuesday 28th November, 2000
Me and Sal made the long Journey to Devon last weekend for Bazfish's UKVAC meet v1.8. What a day, much fun was had by all ... once more a public thank-you to Baz for a great event. I wish him well repairing all the games that expired during the day (I think there were seven?)

At the meet I did a trade with Neil Breeze, so I now have Galaga, Gyruss and Phoenix boards! :o)

The weekend before the meet I also acquired a non-working Star Wars Cockpit for a local (ex) operator. The game has been in storage in a barn for 12 years and is in as good a condition as you could expect considering where it has been. It has a 25" Amplifone monitor, alas it has a RED HV transformer (serial number XY-18250) so I expect that I'll have to replace that (at great cost).The game currently has its PSU transformer block missing so I can't power it up till I get one of these, so I don't actually know what's wrong with it :o(

Lastly, I also acquired a Moon Alien part II cocktail a few weeks ago. The cabinet is almost perfect, but the PCB has been hacked to play Amidar. I will restore it back to its former glory over the coming winter months.

Friday 10th November, 2000
More new boards! Tekken 3 and Space Invaders DX have arrived!

The Space Invaders DX manual I got with the board is in Japanese! If anyone thinks they can translate it into English I'll PDF it and put it online. With the aid of a colleague at work I have translated the DIP Switch settings, but the rest is just too difficult for us! There is also some confusion about the SI DX board. Mine has DIP switches for setting the game up, whereas others have told me this is done in a menu system, also the version in MAME does not have any DIP switch setting to set. Help me please ....

I'm now looking forward to the UKVAC meet 1.8 in Devon on 25/26 November, where I hope to do a trade for Galaga, Gyruss and Phoenix boards.

Wednesday 4th October, 2000
Lots of new boards!

Finally, after what seems like an age to put the deal together my Juno First and Galaxian Boards have turned up! I must say once again what a great dealer Trey Dembski is. This is the fourth time I've dealt with him and certainly not the last!

I've also visited another local operator and picked up Nemesis, Salamander, 1942 (x2) and another Pacland.

My box of Williams boards has also turned up. It contained 6 full sets of Defender/Robotron/Joust and some odd boards. I have already agreed to trade one of the Robotron Boardsets for a Tekken 3!

I still have more deals on the go for Galaga, Gyruss, Phoenix and Space Invaders DX.

Wednesday 20th September, 2000
I've finally completed the wiring required to install Sinistar in my JAMMA cab. This is not just a JAMMA conversion though as I'm using a Sinistar 49 way joystick which means it plays just like the real thing but without the artwork. The replacement Sinistar Speech board has been tested and works perfectly, I have also managed to repair the non-working speech board so now I have three working ones! :o)
(Offers to buy/trade the third one will be considered for the right price/trade)

On the repairs front I have been repairing a batch of twelve Robotron CPU's which have been sent all the way from the US. I now have all but two of them working fully. I'll post details of the fixes as soon as I have completed the repairs.

Both my Robotron and Defender died over the weekend.   :o(   The Robotron's sound board died so I swapped in a spare. Defender had it's CPU and sound board fail. The Defender CPU problem was a bad 74165 video shifter which feeds the colour RAM and the Defender sound board was a bad transistor in the reset circuit. Both games are now working perfectly although I have yet to look at the Robotron Sound board.

I have several deals on the go at the moment. Firstly I have just closed a deal to get working Juno First and non-working Galaxian Boards. I also have deals which are in their early stages which *may* allow me to add Galaga, Phoenix, Gyruss, and Space Invaders DX to my collection. I also have three non-working Defender and three non-working Robotron boardsets coming from the US.

Tuesday 8th August, 2000
I visited a local operator last week and I managed to pick up R-Type II, Pacland and Xevious 3D/G Boards, all fully working although the Pacland JAMMA Harness needs a little TLC.

The replacement Sinistar Speech board has arrived now, but is still untested. I'll have to get around to doing it soon as Ian Boffin is coming up to visit and he's a bit of a demon on the game :o)

I also have a new ISP so my E-Mail address has changed. I have changed all the (anti-spammed) E-mail links on the site to the new address.

Wednesday 5th July, 2000
Well, I have now moved house and all the games seem to have survived OK. I only had one minor problem with the Smash TV which was a bad connection to one of the joysticks.

I have located a replacement speech board for my Sinistar, hopefully it will arrive tomorrow.

Not much else has happened as I have far too much to do in the new house ...

Friday 9th June, 2000
Track and Field arrived last week, and whilst the game plays perfectly there is no speech. Alex Young is going to loan me a working one to aid fault finding when I find time to look at it.

My Sinistar Speech board died this week too ... if anyone has a source of Williams speech boards (Sinistar or 80's pins) or the 55516 (or 55532/55564) CVSDM Speech decoder chips, please Email me

Very little else has happened as I'm getting geared up for the move to the new house.

Friday 19th May, 2000
I've updated the Robotron pages with pictures of the game now it has a proper CP and Marquee.

Friday 5th May, 2000
This week this website finally passed 1000 hits :o)

Also on a positive note, I archived a personal best last weekend on Robotron. My final score was 1,065,175 with the game set to difficulty level 10 and an extra life every 25,000. The Level 10 1,000,000 score has been almost (but not quite) within my reach for a long time so in made up with actually achieving it! In fact I was shaking like a leaf by the time the game ended!

The promised Project Robotron updates will appear next week along with pictures of my Smash TV.

Thursday 27th April, 2000
Lots of news!

On Saturday I picked up my Smash TV 25" dedicated game, and what a beauty it is. I would rate it as a 9.5 out of 10! The only fault it has is the marquee lamp is not working (has anyone in the UK got a 110v marquee lamp assembly going spare?). I have already upgraded it to Revision 8 ROMs and cleaned it up. I'll get some pictures of it online soon! Unfortunately, until I move house sometime in the next six weeks and have enough space for a games room it will reside in fellow UKVAC'er Alex Young's Garage :o(

My Robotron is almost complete now. It has an original UK model control panel now that I acquired from Chad Gray at the UKVAC 1.7 meet at Paul Swans house. This Control Panel has been wired up with US Robotron WICO Joysticks and it plays great! I have also cut a US Robotron Marquee down to fit and it looks pretty good, again I'll get some pictures online soon.

Talking of UKVAC meet 1.7, thanks to Paul Swan for a great day! It was nice to see all those *rare* games that I'd forgotten existed in the flesh again. Game of the day for me must have been Juno First, which was running in a JAMMA cabinet - this is definitely on my wants list now! If you have one for sale or trade please Email me.

Thursday 6th April, 2000
Lots of progress on the Robotron front! Over the last month (while the site has had no updates) I have been busy wiring up the Robotron cabinet.

The game is now fully playable, although I still need to build a proper control panel for it as I'm currently using an adapted JAMMA CP which has microswitch joysticks (YUK!).

You can see pictures of the work done here!

Unfortunately the BRAND NEW Wells Gardener 7300 monitor that I bought for the Robotron is faulty and has an intermittent colour purity problem. A replacement *should* be on its way to me as I'm typing this!

I *should* be getting a complete Smash TV game in a few weeks. The game is one I've been playing occasionally in an arcade and I approached the owner to see if he'd sell and he said yes! All I have to do is pick it up for the Arcade which is 50 miles away. :o)

On the Documents front, I have completed a Word '97 conversion of the Sinistar Instruction Manual. It can be downloaded from the Sinistar section of the Manuals page. If anyone has a link to the Sinistar Drawing set, please send me it so I can link to it.

On a sadder note, my sympathies go out to Chris Jackson who is having to wind up the Arcade Warehouse for non-business reasons :o(

Wednesday 1st March, 2000
UKVAC 1.6! What a day!
All I can say is thanks Rav for organising a great day, I can't wait for the next one at Paul Swans.

I managed to get quite a few parts for my Robotron restoration at the meet as well ... they include:
Upper and lower coin doors
Metal Plate
Monitor surround
Leveling legs

I also fixed a dead Defender CPU last night, which turned out to be a bad socket on a 7474.

Friday 18th February, 2000
I've posted a few updates to broken bits and bobs on the site and changed a few colours to make the text with a black background easier to read.

Please try it so I know if it works ... thanks

I've added photos of the work I did on the Robotron at the weekend on the Project Robotron Phase Two page. The Woodwork is all but done now :o) Unfortunately I tested the monitor that came with the cab and it does not work very well :o(

My ISP's standard hit-counter seems to be broken, after I uploaded the Website on Sunday night it started at 50,000! I'll look for a better one soon.

My MINT Defender flyer turned up in the post this week :o) I've been after one of these for a while. It will be much better than my acid damaged one!

This weeks bad news is that the FREE board mounting plate that is going to be used in my Robotron cabinet has got stuck in customs :o( Apparently it was released to parcel force on monday with a charge of 12 (for a free item???) but I have yet to see it!

Sunday 13th February, 2000
Well the site is finally on-line ... it's been a long time coming so I hope you all enjoy it. Please Email me if there is anything that doesn't work properly! It has been tested with Internet Explorer v5 and Netscape Communicator v4.5 at a resolution of 800x600 in true colour. If anyone out there is still using a v3 browser let me know how well it works ....

My Website started out with humble beginnings when I converted a tatty Defender instruction booklet to Word '97 for myself. Chad Gray put this booklet up on his Website so others would be able to download it, and as more documents were created Chad created a page for them. Eventually I decided I ought to build my own site ... and here it is!

My main project at the moment is the Robotron Restoration. I'm in the process of repairing the woodwork in the cabinet at the moment ... wish me luck it needs a LOT of work. Thanks to Chad for the pictures of a complete game so I know what it SHOULD look like. :o)