Space Invaders Part II: Taito, 1980  

When I picked up this Taito Space Invaders Part II Upright cabinet it was in need of major restoration. The game had been converted to another game at some point in it's life (though I have no idea what!), and the only original wiring left it was the power cable to the marquee lamp!

Externally the game is in very good condition, however, the Control Panel/Bezel assembly has been replaced with one from a taito Space Chaser game and needs replacing or reproducing.

I was lucky enough to be offered a scrap Taito Field Goal cabinet which was stripped for parts ... I managed to transplant the entire wiring loom, transformer, PSU, marquee and coin door to my game. The Field goal wiring is almost identical to that of Space Invaders; the only rework required was rewiring the "G" connector to the sound PCB.

The game is fully operational and has got an 8-in-1 Space Invaders multigame fitted which I have modified to take andvantage of the colour capability of the Tatio Space Invaders Part II boardset/monitor.

  WANTED: A Control Panel/Bezel like this Email me if you have one!
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WANTED: Control Panel/Bezel
Email me if you have one!
  The last hurdle left in the games restoration is replacing or reproducing the combined control panel and monitor bezel. At the same time I collected the donor Field Goal cabinet I was lucky enough to be able to obtain high resolution scans a very nice original Space Invaders Part II control panel/bezel which will be used as the basis for a reproduction panel, however I am still looking for a nice original panel as shown below:

If you have one for sale or trade please Email me.

You can't get shot here! Note the bullet under my ship! A few Space Invaders Part II cheats ...

1. Don't get shot.

You can't get shot if the invaders are on the lowest level on the screen before they invade you.

However if you get this wrong and they make it to the end of the screen before you shoot all the invaders on the bottom row they invade and you loose ALL your lives. The screenshot opposite shows this cheat in action!

2. Get the maximum score (300 points) from each spaceship.

If you shoot the first spaceship on the 23rd shot fired on that level, you get 300 points for it; then for subsequent spaceships shoot him on the following 15th shot and again you'll always get the 300 points. Don't worry about the second spaceship (the flashing one) being 500 points, just carry on with the count.

If you end up shooting an extra shot, just shoot once less for the next spaceship etc.

A 500 point rainbow bonus! 3. The rainbow bonus.

If you shoot one of the lower invaders last Shoot this shape invader last for the rainbow bonus! (by shooting the invaders above them first) you get the rainbow effect shown opposite.

If you shoot the lowest invader in the middle column last you get 800 points and if you shoot the lowest invader in the left hand column last you get 1,000 points.